Principal's message

British Academy (NBA) is an international school following a curriculum aligned with the UK National curriculum of England and Wales. Our goal is to uphold the Newton Schools Group vision of striving for excellence and success for all, through providing an outstanding, rounded holistic education that places emphasis upon the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the development of practical skills.

At the core of NBAs approach is a commitment that every pupil should develop self-discipline, appropriate interpersonal relationships, a reasoned set of attitudes and a respect for cultural and moral values.

We believe it is the schools responsibility to prepare children for a world of work beyond the school gate, so we have a duty to show our pupils how to solve problems and bring new possibilities to life, to teach them the benefits of collaboration without losing the quality of original and independent thought.

This learning journey starts in Early Years and extends through each key stage, where children are given the opportunity to investigate the world around them; to find meaning in words, to share and enjoy active learning experiences; to take risks while feeling confident and secure; to learn new skills and to cooperate to create things that are truly amazing.

As we live in consequential times, it has never been more important for us to model these qualities and behaviours, to applaud them when we see them and encourage them at every opportunity.

Finally, we understand the crucial role that you as Parents play in your child’s education and so we invite you to work with us in partnership, to support every step of your child’s learning and in doing so, help us to provide a world class educational service.

Jonathan Shellard MSc FRGS